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Our book

Fern Verrow: A year of recipes from a farm and its kitchen by Jane Scotter and Harry Astley. Photographs by Tessa Traeger (London: Quadrille Publishing, 2015)

This is a book about how we grow and how we cook. As well as being a way for us to pass on our recipes, it is a place for us to share our understanding of food and the cultivation methods that we have practised over the years. The story begins in winter when the earth is dormant, and develops from the ground up, through the persistent shoots sprouting to life in spring, to the prolific flowering under the increased light levels of summer and culminating in the abundant fruiting of autumn.

‘Fern Verrow’s produce has been an essential part of my life for years and it is a joy to now hear the whole story. This is a tender and fascinating account of an extraordinary farming life, with practical recipes that inspire and delight. This is a book to read, to cook from and to treasure.’ Nigel Slater

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